Bassett VA Safety Beds

Looking for an adaptive safety bed for those with special needs? Looking for Custom Adjustable Beds? Contact us today at 276-821-8660!

Since 2000, SleepSafe® Beds has been manufacturing adaptive safety beds, a durable medical equipment product, for those with special needs, particularly children with physical and cognitive disabilities. SleepSafe® Beds meet or exceed the "7 Zones of Entrapment guidelines set by the FDA. Safety rails help prevent falls. The mattress fits snugly to the headboard, footboard and bed sides limiting the chance for entrapment.

Unlike hospital or other institutional beds, SleepSafe Beds address safety issues while providing a welcoming atmosphere with their appealing designs. Bed foundations are powered manually or electrically with fixed, articulating and hi-lo frames options..

We serve the entire United States with secure, comfortable beds for those with special needs. Whether you are interested in a twin, full or queen size safety bed bed, contact our professionals today!

The following SleepSafe® Bed Models are available in Twin, Full and Queen sizes:

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